Using Web Design to Connect With Your Audience

When people generally look at a website online, they don’t specifically care about the kind of web design used – whether it’s the kind of web design Birmingham is known for, or the opposite. All most people on the Internet ever care about is how a design makes them feel. This makes the work of web designers infinitely more difficult, but not impossible. Here are some of the ways that people connect with the content they see online.

Make it human friendly

As much as people might think technology and robots are cool, at the end of the day we want to primarily interact with humans. The web design on a site should always reflect the warmth and gentleness of the ‘human touch’ instead of the cold robotic look of something far and distant. That will instantly appeal to almost any audience. Take the time to think about what human users would consider when using this site, and design it accordingly.

Functionality is key

A beautiful website does nothing for you if it doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to. Web design Birmingham based or elsewhere, should be focused on bringing functionality to the design elements, and making sure they do what they actually set out to do.

Let emotions be conveyed through design

Design is all about emotions, and connections happen almost entirely because of an emotional attachment with something. Using design elements, you can almost certainly convey emotions through web design. With simple things like colors, or the kind of font you use, you can completely change how someone visiting the site would feel.

Use a narrative

As humans, we enjoy exploration and adventure, but almost always, we enjoy the structure that comes with a steady, directed, narration. The web design should have options to explore, but at the same time, have a directional flow and follow a scheme and order.